IAEA recalls the importance of online rights for creative workers

Conference on “Creative industries: Innovation and Growth” – Brussels, April 20th, 2011

Organised by Confrontations and CSPH-International, this conference focused on the crucial importance of Intellectual property for all industries based on creation and innovation. The IAEA welcomed the contribution of Commissioner Michel Barnier (Internal Market) who reiterated the commitment of the Commission to tackle the issue of counterfeiting and piracy, recalling their negative impact on jobs. Mr. Barnier also insisted on the need to increase the online legal offer and involve ISPs, while avoiding unnecessary criminalisation of citizens.

IAEA Secretary, Benoît Machuel, expressed the support of the Alliance to the recently adopted Gallo report. He also stated that IAEA would welcome amendments to the Enforcement directive currently under review, that would allow for effective measures directed at those who make of copyright infringement their business, thus promoting illegal behaviours and consciously damaging the jobs and welfare of all those who create and perform. The Commission should ensure that effective, speedy and costless remedies are made available in all Member States for this purpose. “It is not acceptable that offshore platforms based in no-law zones establish their commercial success and wealth on deliberate illicit appropriation of protected contents, while creative workers hardly make a living from their craft”, he said.

He also stressed that most artists were not getting a fair share of the revenues generated by the exploitation of their works and performances. “This is primarily a matter for social dialogue and collective bargaining, which must be encouraged and facilitated. This can also be a matter for the legislator, should such social dialogue remain unsuccessful.”

“The artistic and social dimensions of cultural contents must be systematically taken into account when decisions impacting the creative chain are being discussed and considered, so as to make sure that the issue of the remuneration of creative workers is properly addressed”, he added.

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