ILO | Policy brief on sexual harassment in the entertainment industry

ILO Broef on sexual harassment

The Violence and Harassment Recommendation, 2019 (No. 206) includes entertainment among sectors and occupations which may be particularly exposed to violence and harassment. Against this background, this brief analyses trends and patterns of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, and it provides a picture of relevant laws and other means to protect workers in the industry.

The brief is based on a global survey of workers’ perceptions of sexual harassment at work and in work-related environments. Findings show that working conditions and the organization of work can have a role in exacerbating occurrences of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Good practices around joint initiatives between trade unions and employers/employers’ organizations suggest the need for a more comprehensive sectoral approach to prevent, address and eliminate violence and harassment in the entertainment industry. These include addressing systemic and policy issues related to gender equality, dealing with unequal power relations in the industry, as well as putting in place effective complaint and redress mechanisms at sectoral and workplace levels.

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